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Front Yards

Boxwood shrubs provide a backdrop for the purple russian sage and coneflower.


A mix of evergreen shrubs, roses, and hydrangeas provide a variety of textures and colors to the front entrance of this home.

A new brick walkway links the new porch and steps to the driveway. Colorful perennials and evergreen shrubs were planted to soften and enhance the front entrance.

Evergreens, flowering shrubs, and perennials bring year round interest to this front entrance. 

Overgrown shrubs were removed. A new bluestone landing and walkway were installed linking front porch to sidewalk. A variety of evergreen and flowering shrubs were added to the front entrance.

One of the oldest homes in Maplewood. Deteriorated paths were replaced using salvaged brick with a millstone placed in the center of intersecting walks. Boxwoods, roses and grasses soften and enhance the front entrance. Garden gate and lamp post add period charm.

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